The Urban Vineyard

The Urban Vineyard


By Paul Olding





A guide to growing grapes in your

garden or on an allotment and

making your own great tasting wine





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Published in Paperback, size A5, 260 pages

with over 230 photographs and illustrations





Paul Olding is an award winning Tv director and producer.

For years he harboured a dream of setting up a vineyard somewhere close to home, home being southeast London. But was it possible to grow grapes and make drinkable wine in the (sub)urban jungle?

He decided to give it a go. With the help of his family, Paul realised his dream, and now shares his experience so you too can create your own urban vineyard, not just in the UK, but anywhere in the World.
















The Urban Vineyard will help you:


Prepare your garden, allotment or community space

Choose your vines

Design the layout of your vineyard

Install a support trellis

Decide what to grow alongside your vines


Once your vineyard is planted,

The Urban Vineyard will:


Provide a step by step guide to Canopy Management

Guide you through annual Winter Pruning

Help you through the annual Harvest

Explain how to set up a kitchen winery

Take you through how to make Red, White and Rosé still wines







Also Available at:


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Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking


Chiltern Valley Winery, Henley on Thames


The English Wine Centre, Alfriston


Whitecastle Vineyard, Abergavenny


Parva Farm Vineyard, Tintern


Three Choirs Vineyard, Newent


Three Choirs Vineyard, Wickham






What People Have Said...



Brian Cox


Prof Brian Cox,

physicist and author Why Does e=mc²


“Paul is a great television director, but it turns out he’s also a great writer, vintner, vigneron and above all, dreamer. This book is a guide to making your own wine in the city, but it’s also a book that encourages the reader to follow their passions, ambitions and dreams and make things happen in the most unlikely of places. I love that.”





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Steven Johnson,

author Where Good Ideas Come From


“With interest in city gardens and rooftop farming booming around the world, Paul Olding’s The Urban Vineyard adds a fresh and intoxicating voice to the conversation. Amateur vintners will find this both a comprehensive guide to the art and science of urban winemaking, and a compelling narrative of one man’s quest to make wine in the middle of a bustling metropolis.”





Richard Reynolds


Richard Reynolds,

author On Guerrilla Gardening


“Bursting with bright notes of joyful family enterprise and packed with persuasive reasons to give it a go, this a book that needs no laying down. Enjoy immediately,”



Paul Langham,

Chairman United Kingdom Vineyards Association


“This book is a good read and will help the newcomer to our rapidly growing industry take their interest into reality. Enjoy reading and perhaps taking your dreams into reality with wine from your own vines.”






Stephen Skelton - click to enlarge

Stephen Skelton MW

wine author and English wine pioneer


“This is an impeccable step-by-step guide to both growing vines and making wine and is a must for every amateur vineyard owner” 5 STARS


Amazon Review







Published in Paperback, 260pages, Size A5


Containing over 230 black & white Photos and Illustrations


ISBN: 978-1-326-09224-5



Written across 17 chapters and in jargon-free language, The Urban Vineyard will guide you through the processes of creating a successful vineyard in the urban environment anywhere in the world, and to making your own great tasting wine. With a Foreword written by one of the planet’s best known Guerrilla Gardeners, Richard Reynolds, the book is fully illustrated with over 230 photographs and annotated drawings to help you through the process.


The Urban Vineyard includes an introduction to the urban spaces available to the would-be urban vigneron and vintner; a thorough breakdown of how you prepare your ground and how to choose your grapevines; plus detailed notes on how to design your urban vineyard and the possibility of growing other produce between your vines. The book explains how to plant your vines and install a support trellis; how to professionally manage the grapevine canopy throughout the growing year (with special reference to the first five years) and how to conduct crucial annual winter pruning. The book shows you how to set up a small kitchen winery; explains the complexities of the annual grape harvest and how to pick at the peak; and details the processes and procedures to make great tasting white, red and rosé still wine. There is also a list of books for additional reading and links to online resources.


Fusing a step by step ‘how to’ guide with amusing tales of the trials and tribulations experienced by the author, The Urban Vineyard is a book you will return to year after year as your vineyard matures and the fruits of your labour are fermented into bottles of great tasting urban wine.








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Read the Foreword by Richard Reynolds,

author On Guerrilla Gardening



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