The Urban Vineyard


By Paul Olding



A guide to growing grapes in your

garden or on an allotment and

making your own great tasting wine













Stephen Skelton - click to enlarge

Stephen Skelton MW

wine author and English wine pioneer


“Paul Olding has written an impeccable step-by-step guide to both growing vines and making wine and is a must for every amateur vineyard owner...He takes the reader through all the relevant stages of the growing side - site improvement, planting, establishment and the annual workload - and then through the trickier business of converting grapes into drinkable wine. I was particularly impressed with the sections on soil treatments including drainage (one of the tings vines hate is poor drainage) and on the decision making process with regard to variety selection, vine spacing and trellising. The wine making section is written with authority and will enable anyone with a modicum of common sense to produce something drinkable...I probably have around 250 books on viticulture in my library including all the standard works in English on the subject dating from 1670. Several of them have been written by amateurs and for amateurs and these tend to be pretty hopeless and out of date. The Urban Vineyard is quite the opposite and can take its place in my collection with its head held high” 5 STARS


Amazon Review






James Graham

UK vine


“...This engaging and well written account of his journey is a must read...If you have a backyard, small garden, sunny terrace or a council allotment where you can grow grapes, this book is proof that producing your own wine is possible, making this the book for you...”




Brian Cox


Prof Brian Cox,

physicist and author Why Does e=mc²


“Paul is a great television director, but it turns out he’s also a great writer, vintner, vigneron and above all, dreamer. This book is a guide to making your own wine in the city, but it’s also a book that encourages the reader to follow their passions, ambitions and dreams and make things happen in the most unlikely of places. I love that.”





Steven Johnson


Steven Johnson,

author Where Good Ideas Come From


“With interest in city gardens and rooftop farming booming around the world, Paul Olding’s The Urban Vineyard adds a fresh and intoxicating voice to the conversation. Amateur vintners will find this both a comprehensive guide to the art and science of urban winemaking, and a compelling narrative of one man’s quest to make wine in the middle of a bustling metropolis.”





Richard Reynolds


Richard Reynolds,

author On Guerrilla Gardening


“Bursting with bright notes of joyful family enterprise and packed with persuasive reasons to give it a go, this a book that needs no laying down. Enjoy immediately,”



Paul Langham,

Chairman United Kingdom Vineyards Association


“This book is a good read and will help the newcomer to our rapidly growing industry take their interest into reality. Enjoy reading and perhaps taking your dreams into reality with wine from your own vines.”



Customer Review, Amazon


This book has to be the best guide available in the UK for starting a vineyard on an allotment or in your backyard. An excellent book. 5 Stars





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Published in Paperback, size A5, 260 pages

with over 230 photographs and illustrations





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